Till it happens to you, You won’t know how it feels

I used to be the guy who cares about healing everyone around, never been that dreamer healer who think that he can heal everyone, I only cared about the few who are close to me and did my best to help them advance forward. I spent years trying my best to do that, sometimes it works and mostly not, I never knew the right algorithm I should follow in order to achieve that.

And you can say this was driving me really INSANE. my urge to help was uncontrollable and I couldn’t deal with it.

First, I thought the problem was about my extremely logical mind that has some issues in understanding people’s feelings and emotions, that was really part of the problem, I kept giving freaking logical solutions to their problems and probably that wasn’t what they needed, mostly they only needed someone to listen, and I was wasting their energy by asking them to think about the problem and analyze it, I was totally a jerk by the way.

Here, I recognized that I can’t heal those who are close to me, EXCEPT only those who are logical enough so my healing methods may work with them, they need someone to discuss the problem with them, and I CAN DO THAT IN AN AWESOME WAY, literally.

But there was a bad side, I wasn’t able to give them the enough needed healing, I helped them face their problem, get over it and sometimes fully recover of it. But that wasn’t enough, I wasn’t helping them recover healthy, I wasn’t the best for them, there was a bug in the algorithm, I didn’t know what was missing, but I knew that this wasn’t the optimum solution.

And just lately, I met a friend, we became close in a so short time, the things went different with her, I can understand what she feels so easily, because simply I faced that before, it’s like watching an old but so much freaking better version of you, that was awesome, my advice was somehow helpful because I know exactly what each specific action could lead to, I think I’m helping her in a good way, she too do that for me, the common struggles we both faced and the common feelings we both felt was enough to help us understand how our other feelings would feels like. That was the best I ever experienced, and simply that’s what I was always missing.

Output, You will never know what they feel, till it happens to you. Don’t judge their actions, till it happens to you. Don’t tell them that they can get over something easily, till it happens to you. Whatever you consider yourself, a mind geek or a psychology master, Till It happens to you, you won’t know how it feels.