Yay or Nay? : Appropriate Outfit for A Fashion Show

Even people who are not following fashion weeks may have seen the picture of Nicki Minaj sitting in the front row at the Haider Ackermann Fall 2017 show in Paris. Her left boob was totally showing off without any hesitation. What was the first impression? “Nicki, you rock!”, “Oh nice. Boobs!” or “What are you doing?” My boyfriend has no interest in luxury fashion collections, but when I sent the picture of Nicki to ask what he thought, he was like “oh this was all over Facebook. That’s some real hoe clothing.” Yup, thanks for saying that. Probably, some of Nicki’s fan or guys who just like boobies enjoyed it. XXL magazine, which is about hip-hop and rap music news, describes her outfit as stunning. Seriously?

First of all, this is about a basic moral. As I wrote in my previous story about Chrissy Teigen’s dress at the AMA awards, in my opinion, you cannot wear “whatever” you want. If how you dress makes someone extremely (not a little) uncomfortable, I think, you don’t style yourself well. Freedom is important and beautiful. However, I am positive that you can express yourself without too much exposure.

Secondly, her melons take people’s attention from the runway. If I were a designer, and had a huge celebrity in the front row of my show showing her boobs or maybe his wiener, I would be freaked out. I would feel she or he degraded my work.

This kind of behavior is just for her/his self-satisfaction, and shows no respect for the designer and people who have worked for creating an amazing collection. At least, I’m thankful for not seeing her nipples covered by shining stickers.

*This story is from Megumi’s blog 96%

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Nicki Minaj’s image from billboard.com — “Why Stars Like Nicki Minaj & Kanye West Love Designer Haider Ackermann”