TW: Mentions of rape and sexual assault

I was sexually assaulted when I was a sophomore in college.

Let me rephrase that.

I was raped when I was a sophomore in college.

I was 19. It would take me two more years to call what happened that night sexual assault, it would take two years after that for me to finally call it rape. But rape is what it was; that’s what happens when a boy is on top of you, shoving himself into you, because “it’s not fair” if you cum but he doesn’t. …

Note: in this post, there are mentions of suicide and depression

This is a story I’ve been meaning to write for years.

It’s funny, it’s something I’ve been trying to tell but have been unable to find the words for. It’s a story that is painful but begs to be written, I can see the lines in my mind, but putting them to paper is next to impossible. It is a story of love and loss and friendship and heartbreak — and I’m always so nervous I’ll say the wrong thing or use the wrong voice. …

Meg Vondriska

Meg Vondriska is a writer and photographer from the Midwest, where she lives with her dog and the occasional glass of red wine.

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