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My best friend won’t get vaccinated, and it makes me realize how many others won’t either.

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I’ve been fully vaccinated against Covid-19 since April, and yeah, I’m proud of it.

I’m proud that I’m one of those people who trusts and believes in science and listens to the people, like Dr. Fauci, who know better than me because they are professionals in their field of medicine.

I love her, but I’m having a hard time accepting who she is as a person now.

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My best friend, Liz, is a hoarder.

I’m not exaggerating or being dramatic, she is a legit hoarder, and it’s impossible to walk through her house without contorting your body to step carefully around all the crap on the floor and the shit that’s lined up, stacked against the walls…

Once you accept that as the truth, you might be able to move on with your life

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My boyfriend is having a crisis within himself right now, battling out his demons in head and heart and our relationship, fighting every day, it seems, for the will to keep on going.

He says he doesn’t love himself, and doesn’t like who he is as a person anymore.


“There was nothing in the world that I ever wanted more than to never feel the breaking apart...”

I stared at each photo of you
before I tore them up.

I ripped them from my wall
one by one
holding them
and staring at them
and remembering.

This was the day my grandfather died,
the day you held me in the tent when I cried and
it was the…

I bring other people’s fantasies to life… and it’s one hell of a job.

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For the last year or so I have been supplementing my income quite well with writing personalized erotica for clients — and it’s been an eye-opening and life changing experience.

The truth is, I didn’t get into writing personalized erotica just because I saw other people doing it and thought…

Meaghan Ward

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