Trumped !!! By Twitter, an Angry America and Negative Publicity

The political pundits are speechless…the media moguls had to take refuge as they lost face and the leaders around the world are still reeling under the influence of the recent onslaught that U.S. Presidential Elections have dealt them. Donald Trump,the President Elect of the U.S. is a progeny of an angry America and Twitter midwifed by negative publicity.

Let us confess that U.S. Presidential Elections are never just about U.S. We might curse America, we might criticise her till we bleed but her political fate remains of collective interest. It is therefore of little surprise that we all were awaiting results of the elections with abated breath. Even before the final results were declared, one could feel that the wind was blowing in Trump’s favour.

Personally, I feel the choice between candidates was one of the worst possible in the political history of America.

Mediocrity defined the entire campaign when it was not being defiled by murky allegations flying thick.

It severely lacked in gravitas and policy based debates but that did not bother me much. What bothered me was the negative media publicity that Donald Trump managed to garner and hence own the spotlight for free. The U.S. Media went after him all guns blazing and the flamboyant Presidential candidate did not disappoint in making the best of it. He acted the provocateur. Talking about transporting back the immigrants, labelling John Mac Cain as not being a war hero, his rhetoric on women, the media lapped it up all. If Twitter became his megaphone, the media unwittingly became his mouthpiece.

Her wife received no small degree of attention. From her educational background or lack of it to the blatantly ‘borrowed’ speech, Melania managed to hog the limelight too. It appeared as if the U.S. Media had somehow turned into a sponge, absorbing everything that the then Presidential hopeful said and regurgitating it back to the public verbatim.

Twitter helped Trump keep ahead and reach out to the masses, tweeting populist measures that his regime would bring. Media, on the other hand gave him the free air time. It ensured that he remained in the uppermost levels of people’s consciousness thereby defeating its very purpose. Might be the adage all publicity is good publicity is after all true!