Garfield meets Bewakoof!

A little lazy, a little crazy and a lot cozy, our favorite furry little cat — Garfield is here to grace our clothing line!

We all have a bit of this funny cat in us! Just like Garfield, we all would give up anything to sleep in all day, boss around and eat lasagna whenever we wish to!

This official Garfield merch is dedicated to the lazy bum in all the millennials today!

This self-obsessed, sarcastic and know-it-all natured cat is the reason we should never trust a smiling cat! And with our quirky t-shirts you can show off some fluffy cat love too!

These printed tees are purrfect to show fun side of your personality! Reminisce your cartoon-watching days with these gag-worthy t-shirts!

We’re going p’awww with admiration! It’s time you do to! Grab your Garfield merch now at Bewakoof!

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