A journey towards Humility

Amal academy is the Stanford University funded venture that helps Pakistani youth to develop skills fundamental to pursuing their dreams.

When I talk about my Amal journey, a lot of positive things come into my mind that how many life lessons, I have practiced through this journey that I just learned before. While doing three months Career Prep Fellowship from Amal academy, I grasp a lot of skills and lessons. It’s very difficult to talk about just one of them but by thinking very deeply, I can say that the most important lesson that I learned is Humility.

Humility can be defined as a low self-regard and sense of unworthiness. It is a way to accept that other people way can be better than yours. It reminds you about your responsibilities towards other people who need you.

What humility does for one is it reminds us that there are people before me. I have already been paid for. And what I need to do is prepare myself so that I can pay for someone else who has yet to come but who may be here and needs me.
Maya Angelou

To become a lifelong learner and successful, one should adopt the factor of Humility in his personality.

Before coming to Amal, I was more like a person who is egocentric. I don’t like if anyone points out any fault in my work because I was not applying the way of taking a feedback in the more positive side. Through Amal, I found out that being just relying on your opinion is not that track which is gonna lead you to positive changes and life-long learning.

I feel some effective changes in my way of perceiving things. I want to listen to others calmly, and help them in their matters. Also, I adopt a way in which I have to take the responsibility to give respect to others. Because I believe that to gain respect, you must give it to others first. There is always something to be learned, and by showing humility, we are actually learning something from others and going towards the path of success.

To put this amazing lesson practically on my life path, I have decided to practice it every day in all the matters related to my personal and professional life.

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