My Mentor

Everyone has a mentor in different stages of life. It can be your parents, teachers, friends, relatives or any colleague. In my case, I consider my mother as my main mentor, who teaches and supports me in every aspect of my life.

Whatever it is that you want to accomplish in life, a mentor is going to kick start you on the path to achieve it. By far the hardest part of accomplishing anything is getting started. We all have dreams and goals, but until we make a move to act on them, they will always remain just a dream or a goal.

You can’t accomplish something big only on your own. For every goal that you achieved in your life, you will trace back each goal to a mentor or individual who helped you to achieve it.

When you have a mentor, you are learning from someone who has already arrived at that spot in life, where you want to be. They know exactly what it takes to get there and what sacrifices you have to made to achieve that goal.

When I talk about my Mentor,the the person who came to my mind is a teacher of mine from 6th grade named Arshad Ali. He always supported and guided me in any type of problem. Apart from my studies, he has also guided me about my professional career path. He is of humble nature and always welcome me whenever I want some help from him. Also, he encourages me to take challenges as he believes that one can learn better in a challenging environment.

I think humility is the thing which is essential for that mentor-mentee relationship. Because if I was not humble to him, then the things would be a lit bit different. Everyone wants respect. So, in order to learn and gain some good advice, you need to show humility.

It’s a fact that a great mentor will share their experience with you to help you achieve your goal in the best possible way they know how. In the end, I would like to say Thank You to My Mentor for making my life amazing.

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