Outdoor Session with Amal Family

Amal academy is the Stanford University funded venture that helps Pakistani youth to develop skills fundamental to pursuing their dreams.
In this 3-month Career prep fellowship, I enjoyed each day like a journey. Their facilitation is so breathtaking that we did not realize the passage of time. At last, there comes our last day of fellowship.

Amal Batch 32

We had to decide a location but after going through many options our PM & PA Collectively decided some locations in Old Lahore. The location that they decided to visit were Delhi Gate, Shahi Hamam, and Masjid Wazeer khan.
On the day of the outdoor session, we gathered at the Amal campus 9 am sharp. Everyone was very excited for the whole day enjoyment.

We instructed by our PM Ma’am Zara that we should leave now. Just before the departure, one of our fellow Jasim accidentally lost his car keys in the trunk compartment of his car. He was the person, who was going to take some of us to our trip destination. So, we decided to stay there with him and asked other people to left for the Delhi Gate. This mishap was actually looking bad at the start but we enjoyed it more than the time, we were going to spend there. After 2 to 3 hours of struggle, two of the mechanics were able to open the trunk compartment. Although we missed the first two destinations of our planned journey, we joined our Amal family on its last destination of Masjid Wazeer khan.

After going there, we offered Fatiha and took some beautiful pictures in that mesmerizing historic building located in the Walled City of Lahore.

Amal Family
Amal Family

Although there was scorching sunlight and even the outdoor floor was very hot but the view of that huge building was admirable.

Masjid Wazeer khan

After that, we started our track journey from Masjid Wazeer khan to new Food Street to eat something traditional. The track was making its way from the different type of bazaars and streets. I didn’t see those type of streets before.

New Food Street

After 20 minutes of tiring track journey, finally, we reached there in a Restaurant where power cut was waiting for us. We adjusted ourselves in that small restaurant as we were almost 30 to 40 people. There, our super amazing managers Sir Asjad, Syed Jasim and Umair Siddique performed their duties to manage such a huge crowd in a remarkable way. We eat Chawal with Qorma(lol), it was a tasteful combination.
After eating, we headed back to the parking area by passing through all that street track again and adjusted ourselves in the available cars. We moved towards the Amal campus where we took some rest and gave gifts to our beloved teachers on behalf of whole Batch 32.

After that, we left for the Joyland located in Fortress. In Joyland, firstly, we decided to take a ride on the pirate boat which was very joyful with the fearful screams. After that, some of our fellows took a ride on discovery which seemed full of adventure. Then, we forwarded towards the dodging cars, in pairs, we played for some minutes and enjoyed a lot.
In the end, we sat in a park, gave autographs to each other and wish everyone a good future and decided to left for homes. It was a sad moment because we all know that in one way or other, we are going to lose someone. But we decided not to become sad, but relish that moment and should gather somewhere in future.

This session was just amazing because by spending some unforgettable time with each other, we learned that how to enjoy the most tiring and extreme situations and practiced all the lessons of teamwork, leadership, and humility that we learned through Amal and this time will always be in our long-term memory.

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