TED Talks | Elise Roy: When we design for disability, we all benefit

“When we design for disability first, you often stumble upon solutions that are better than those when we design for the norm.”

Deaf from the age of ten, Elise Roy has been a design thinker from early on, constantly adapting her environment and its tools to serve her extraordinary abilities. She believes that designing products for specially-abled people will help society to groom and economy boost, as they are part of the society.

Approaching the world in unique way and experiencing the problem in a new frame is what I myself believe is kind of exciting. The reason of choosing this TED Talk topic was to embrace the world of diversity rather then crying over the spilt milk. I highly appreciate the way the speaker is addressing the need of technologically advanced product for the people different from us to help them in enjoying the perks of society.

Elise Roy in her inspirational way presented the solution of the problem by “Design Thinking” including 5 steps:

Define the problem;
prototype and test
Sustainable growth

Premised on the foundational notion that complex social problems require creative problem solving through design. Design Thinker which she has mentioned again and again our natural problem solvers. They know how to identify the problem, empathizing it, designing it and in the end providing the world a sustainable growth approach. The creativity of the technological expert can bring out by understanding the situation themselves as one of the person facing that problem. She highlighted some examples like text messages were invented for hearing impaired persons but it impacted the way that everyone adapted this facility and in the end it became fruitful to communicate.

Therefore I second her thought of developing tools for disabled people first as it will address the issue for a common goal and stumble upon solutions that are not only inclusive but are often better than what we design for common people. This thought will move our mindset of changing the hearts and accepting the tolerance they are facing in troublesome moments of their life.