Why You Always Hatin?

The Sexism Behind the Intense Vitriol Against Hillary

A lot of people absolutely hate Hillary. She’s been called untrustworthy, dirty, and words far worse more times than any other modern politician. Is some of that due to her decades in the spotlight? Sure. Is some of it due to her policies? Yea. Is it insanely exaggerated due to her gender? Definitely.

Bill cheated on Hillary. You can’t get more untrustworthy than that. Yet for some reason she is stuck with that label.

President Obama has increased drone strikes tenfold, striking everything from weddings to a Doctors Without Borders hospital. Yet for some reason Hillary is the dirty war-monger.

Bernie, who I’m a big fan of, yelled in all of his speeches. Yet for some reason Hillary was the one who was said to be constantly shrieking. Why was she asked to lower her voice down? Why not him?

Jeb Bush took millions of dollars from Big Money lobbyists during this primary. Goldman Sachs was a top Obama donor during the 2008 primary. Yet for some reason Hillary gets the most blame as a sell-out.

I’m not trying to excuse her actions. I disagree with many of them. But if we’re going to blame her for taking corporate money or too greatly increasing our military presence, we should blame all the politicians who do it. It’s not fair to put all the hate on her.

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