The Matheny Manifesto Is Not for Me.

I’m not a youth-sports coach. I’m not even a parent. The Matheny Manifesto is not for me.

At its core, The Matheny Manifesto is Matheny’s own upbringing:

“I had been raised old school in a small midwestern town, taught to do the right thing because it was the right thing, to never take short-cuts, to be disciplined and selfless and humble.”

For me, The Matheny Manifesto might have well ended there, though. The remainder of the book is more focused on applying these values in the youth-sports context, which it does well. It includes some attempted salt-of-the-earth reminiscing, which is a strained attempt to add some broad appeal to a book that really should just be focused on reforming youth sports.

To that point, The Matheny Manifesto is spot-on for the problems in today’s youth sports, from an outsider’s perspective. As soon as my wife and I have kids that are old enough to participate, I not only will be re-reading this book, but I’ll be handing it out to every parent and coach on the team. Who knows, I may even be the one awkwardly standing in front of a group of parents reading Mike’s letter because, in truth, he’s already said what needs to be said and it is certainly worth repeating.

Of course, you can buy itself here. As always, I received this book from the Blogging for Books program in exchange for this review.

Until next time.

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