First bonus paying Crypto Fund = Target Coin

TGTcoin is introducing new innovation in crypto investment, it allows you to generated risk adjusted profit on the rise of blockchain technology without risking anything by your own. Target coin is a closed-end fund and will only accept investment during ICO which will end on 31st August 2017, you can also buy some TGT coin from here

Built on Ethereum smart contract, TGTcoin will be able to distribute profit among all TGT holders on every quarter of a year. They will share 85% of total profit they will generate from all trades they will make using the fund they will collect from current ICO/crowdfuning. TGT will be listed after ICO but price per TGT might increase significantly so cheaper option to have some TGTcoin is to invest during ICO which is currently running.

TGTcoin is completely different than any other crypto tokens out there, most of other tokens on the market are only used for speculation and are unrelated to actual performance of the company. But with TGTcoin investor can enjoy constant profit generated by the company for lifetime.

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