The right “Proof of Health” could be what’s missing to push more people to be healthy

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It all started with this tweet.

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about how we could promote healthy behaviors and a healthy lifestyle. If we managed to create a product that people love using and where using it means engaging in a healthy life, it would be a big win. As an exploration of the landscape, I thought there was a lot to learn from the extremes: the health enthusiasts and the people who pay no attention to their health.

The behavior of…

Apple may be on its way to make us immortal

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This article is inspired by the excellent podcast episode
Cameron Porter On Apple Becoming A Healthcare Company — The Pomp Podcast

Is Apple Going to Solve the Longevity Problem?

First, we have to understand the incentive structure behind Apple’s strategy.

Why is Apple incentivized to fix other problems than the ones it is solving currently?

Over the last 20 years, Apple went from a hardware company to a service company. Today Apple is becoming a health company with the Health Thesis of Tim Cook that Nathan Baschez masterfully explained in his piece healthOS.

Let’s look at the success…

New times call for new ways of finding the truth

We’re in January 2020. A new virus just appeared in China. What is going to happen in the following months will reveal everything that is wrong with one of the pillars of our societies: Truth.

A strong focus on life extension may be a silver lining to this crisis.

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People can live their entire lives planning their retirement, saving money, organizing their career, helping their children set up their own lives.

They do everything to make sure that when they reach the golden age, they would be comfortable and free of all those life anxieties of youth and struggle.

It is rare, however, that you meet a person that thinks the same way about health. It is the most important thing, and yet, when we start planning, we neglect it so much.

We are somehow…

My CGM Experiment: I was shocked by what I saw!

A man wearing a CGM

A month ago, I decided to try wearing a Continuous Glucose Monitor to check my blood glucose levels, despite not suffering from any health condition.

I thought I was going to have great blood glucose. I mean, I’m a pretty healthy guy, I take care of myself, I pay attention to what I eat, I exercise. Imagine my surprise when I realized that some “healthy” foods I have been eating were actually destroying my blood glucose and that the situation was not as good as I had expected!

In the…

Are CGMs the next big thing in health optimization and disease prevention?

Man wearing a CGM (Abbott Freestyle Libre 2)

Have you ever wondered why do you feel so tired after eating certain foods?

Or why do you feel particularly energized on a given day?

There are a lot of general health principles that explain high or low energy. But it’s often hard to keep track of all of them and to make sense of a given feeling.

It would be far easier to see the exact biological reactions of our body to get a real sense of what’s going on.

It may sound futuristic, but it’s actually…

A weekly ritual to keep the weight off, promote longevity and make your life easier

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We all have that one relative that went through a weight loss phase.

A lot of motivation and a few months later the pounds of fat disappeared revealing a fit and lean body.

Victory: everybody is amazed at the results and congratulates the willpower needed to sustain the effort.

But a few months later, you notice that the pounds are slowly starting to come back. Finally one day you realize that all the weight came back!

How did that happen?

Weight loss and weight management…

How I finally managed to jump under the cold water every morning

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You are comfortable sleeping in a warm bed. The alarm rings.

What could be the hardest way to get the day started?

A winter cold shower!

Two years ago, after watching a documentary about Wim Hof and his method I started considering taking cold showers to try and see for myself if the benefits are worth the discomfort.

I say “consider” because as you can imagine, jumping in a cold shower during winter is the last thing you want to do upon waking up.

There was something fascinating…

Scientists developed a new way to measure biological age and finally help us find what really rejuvenates us

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Remember your grandma telling you orange juice is healthy and good for you? It will make you strong and help you fight the winter flu!

Orange juice is a good example of something that many of us believed (or still believe) healthy but is not.

Today there is an increasing focus on increasing lifespan and healthspan. Health advice is everywhere. They aim at helping us live the healthiest and longest life possible. But how helpful they really are?

Some people will tell…

Getting better, one small habit a time

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It’s that time of the year again.

After the family time and the never-ending holiday meals, it’s time to review the year, look at what went well, and what went wrong. It’s time to decide what to do more of, and what to get rid of for the coming year.

Usually, health is part of the new year’s resolutions in one form or another.

Regarding habit change and resolutions, the best way to succeed is to focus on a process rather than a result. Health is not an exception. …

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