Help publish “Monster In Me” — a darkly comedic novel about a schizoaffective guy who has a lot of wrongs to right.

Back in October 2015, I was in a deep depression.
Forcing myself to turn all of that negative energy into positive, I wrote a young adult novel titled, “Monster in Me,” following a young male protagonist on his journey after being diagnosed as schizoaffective.

The story is a dark comedy, dealing with adult subject matter such as mental illness, mildly sexual themes, addiction, grief & loss, and ultimately redemption.

The story has since received over 20,000 views, 191 reviews, 112 follows and 292 favorites. After hearing from so many people just how much the story touched them, I decided that I wanted to share Monster in Me with the rest of the world by self-publishing.

The thing is, self-publishing is expensive! I am not trying to profit from this project — I just want to see Monster in Me shared with all the many people who don’t feel like there are enough stories out there exploring and explaining mental illness.

Be sure to hit up the campaign link — to take a quick look.

Please share and consider contributing to this cause, and help me make Monster in Me a success. Thank you.

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