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Mehedi Hasan Shoab
2 min readMar 28, 2020

Jack Johnson is one of the top social media influencer and marketing strategists. His area of expertise is Facebook Marketing. He has shown his proficiency in his work ‘The Evolution of Social Marketing’. He is also the co-author of the book; ‘Facebook Fury: Bit By Bit’.

Jack has been an enthusiastic social media leader since 2009. He has more than 9 years of experience in his field of marketing, IT and relationship management. He has been invited as keynote speaker at national and international forums. What’s more, He has delivered in-depth trainings regarding social media to corporations and entrepreneurs.

Jack Johnson established his own agency of training and consulting. He works with the aim to teach corporations the art of truly becoming a social business. He essentially equips businesses to derive profits by integrating various strategies of social media marketing. Jack’s client’s feedbacks are testimonies of her effective trainings. According to her clients — by utilizing her social media marketing methods, they have increased visitors’ traffic and subscribers and client base. Later, growing number of affiliates help them in forming successful strategic alliances.

Because of his wide-ranging experience, Jack Johnson was named one of top ten social media influencers by Forbes, thrice in a row. Popular marketers Dan and Michael named him one of the most Influential Small Business people on Twitter. On top of that, Jack Johnson has also influenced world-class companies. Fast company termed him ‘The Emperor of Personal Branding’.

Jack Johnson is an accredited speaker and shares stage with notable celebrities and influencers. He has co-shared stage with Dalai Lama, Richard Branson, Tony Robins and Paula Abdul.

Jack Johnson connects with social world through her popular blog; JackRealJohnson.com. Also, with huge following on social platforms like Twitter and Facebook, Jack is considered one of the leading experts and influencer in the marketing world. Jack has marked his presence in media and appears regularly in well-reputed media outlets including: New York Times, Fortune, Success Magazine and The Wall Street Journal.

However, Jack doesn’t work alone. He loves and appreciates his hardworking and dedicated team.

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