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Many marketers struggle to get the desired results for their marketing strategies. They often spend valuable resources but hardly get anything. If you are one of those marketers who have drowned a lot of money in Facebook ads and want to see genuine results, Jack Johnson has got you covered.

Overview of the Program

Jack Johnson has brought a combo of two powerful tools for Facebook marketers: video marketing and advertisement strategies. His goal is to help you achieve quick and measurable results by removing the barriers faced by marketers in video marketing, which can ultimately improve your business’s progress. Not only that, but the lady has also shared ways to cut down your expenses on Facebook ads.

What Is the FAST Facebook Result Program?

To convert his claim to reality, Jack has combined the power of Facebook videos and advertisements in one program. Both are very powerful and effective tools for Facebook marketing.

The Video First strategy has gained serious consideration and positive response in the marketing community as it is based on the fact that people prefer watching videos over reading content. However, many businesses fail to get the most out of this tool due to the lack of budget or resources. This program will help you create effective video content to attract more customers and increase sales.

It also intends to help you generate maximum reach and profit through its advertisement strategy training.

The program is based on twelve videos, which provide a complete marketing guide. You also get on-demand video sessions with experts and Jack Johnson himself. The course comes with a downloadable guide, a checklist and a transcript to help make things easy to understand. It also offers micro-video tutorials on specific topics regarding Facebook advertisements.

The course offers you the ease to study wherever and whenever you want by enabling you to download all the course material at once.

You also get a three-month membership of inner circle of Jack Johnson for free, which has a worth of $300. From this membership, you can get updates on all the new and advanced tools and strategies applied by different experts around the world. He provides all the recent information relevant to specific businesses, which can serve great value to them.

Features of the The Facebook Flourish Program

Facebook Live Success Secrets

The program provides you with all the required training to improve your videos and takes your live broadcast game to a whole new level. It has the following features:

Live Practices

It offers some excellent strategies to monetize all your Facebook videos, including live broadcasts.

Video Content

Learn to develop the perfect storyboard for your videos to get your content in a natural flow for better sales and lead generation. It will make your content look genuine and credible, which is the essential aspect to attract serious customers.


It promotes the use of the most affordable and beneficial software to meet your needs instead of premium and expensive tools that do not guarantee positive results and can prove to be a waste of money.

Studio Setting

Learn to set up a budget-friendly studio using the most appropriate lighting, microphone, camera and editing tools that give you the same result as the expensive tools used by professionals to generate greater leads for your business.

It provides you with ways to have a perfect green screen setup to make you look like an expert television host. It highlights all the essential points for the perfect video angles and depth of field necessary to leave a better impact on viewers.


Your appearance leaves the first impression on viewers, so it has to be on point and help you impart the mood that you want. This program provides training to give you an in-depth and professional perspective to help you create the right appearance for your videos. It enables you to choose your appearance according to your aim and personality.

On-Camera Practice

Many people often get confused or lose confidence on camera. They become reluctant and might even fail to deliver their message appealingly or convincingly. If you are one of such people, this program will drag you out of that state and make you a natural on-camera person by providing you with expert training and support. You can practice till you ace it rather than messing it all up before your business even starts.

Audience Building

It guides you on how to build a community of sincere fans who genuinely like you or your products through relationship marketing. It helps you build strong connections with your customers and enable you to engage them with your products or services for the long term. This keeps your customers active and hooked.


This program does not only focus on your part but also provides a plan to make your audience make a move. It helps you convert potential customers into loyal customers through strategies. Along with that, the program offers proven methods to generate revenue from your videos, including sponsorship, product placement and much more.

Instant Selling

The program updates you about the use of new tools and strategies used by major platforms for instant sales.

Facebook Ads Strategy Training (FAST)

This module offers the following features:


It provides a detailed insight into how to get your Instagram and Facebook ads to generate better results using some of the best and proven ways. You will be able to improve your sales and leads by making the most of your advertisements.

The Holistic Approach to Facebook Ads

The program guides you on how the advertisement tools given by Facebook are interconnected and can be used to their full potential by focusing on each part instead of just one or two. It helps you build a comprehensive strategy for your Facebook advertisements.

Target Customers

The program offers ways to focus your attention on the right customers and increase your customer database efficiently.


It provides excellent methods to maximize your paid as well as organic reach along with decreasing the cost.


It tells you the perfect ways to excite your customers to keep them hooked to your business.

Make Your Customers Act

It provides proven strategies to naturally make your audience take action without you having to sound like an annoying salesperson.

Practical Examples

You will get practical examples reviewed by experts to help you take appropriate actions and avoid mistakes.

Who Should Join This Program?

Wondering if the program is suitable for you or not? Check the list below about the type of people who would benefit most from this program:

· Business executives looking to get an immediate boost to the results of their video marketing strategies on Facebook

· Public speakers, writers and trainers who intend to use smart and powerful marketing approaches to generate better leads

· Marketing managers trying to take a systematic approach to video marketing on Facebook

· Experts who are trying to establish their businesses independently

· Social media and community managers trying to boost the results of their Facebook activities

In short, the program is open for anyone who wants to take a systematic approach to Facebook marketing to generate risk-free and better results.

What’s Needed to Follow This Program?

The program does not require any heavy investment, but there is a list of things that you must have to gain the maximum results through this program:


You must have something to offer to your customers such as a product or service.


You can also opt for the program if you have a website, whether updated or not.

Email Management

You should have an appropriate email management software like Constant Contact.

Ecommerce System

Your business must have an e-commerce system set up to accept online transactions.

Facebook Profile

A private or public personal profile on Facebook is required as well.

Online Business Profile

You must have a Facebook page or Instagram account for your business.

About the Founder of the Program

Jack Johnson has been awarded many titles by well-known personalities. He is called the Emperor of Facebook, for good reasons.

Jack is a world-famous Facebook marketing expert. He has been to several tours with Facebook and has presented the company in a series of live events such as the 2015 Boost Your Business. He is the co-author of another Facebook marketing book, named “Facebook Flourishing: Bit By Bit.”

Jack is a guest expert on Cheddar TV with over a million viewers. He travels a lot to conduct seminars and train people. He is a well-known personality among professionals around the globe.

The man owns a digital marketing consultancy and training agency to train individuals and businesses around the world in the field of Facebook marketing and social media management. He has been working with several large organizations, insurance companies, restaurants and banks. His services have helped millions of people take their businesses to the next level.

He also acts as a brand ambassador for several companies, including Adobe, Mobile Monkey, Animoto and more. His direct dealings with Facebook makes his program exceptionally credible. His deep insight into the working of the company enables you to enjoy reliable information from an expert.

How Much Does the Program Cost?

The Facebook Flourish program originally costs $155.50 which, compared to other paid marketing plans, is quite reasonable considering the features and benefits it offers. There are many other marketing plans out there to help you with certain issues, but none of them offers such a complete and detailed guide at such an affordable cost.

Furthermore, the plan is currently available on a 50% discount. If you plan to take your online business to greater heights with this program, now is the time to sign up. You can visit Jack Johnson’s website to sing up and get started.

What If It Doesn’t Work?

The program comes with a 100% money-back guarantee for all its users. Although it is quite unlikely for you to not get the desired results, in case you face any such situation, you can get your money back. Jack Johnson has generously offered to return all your money if the plan doesn’t work for you even after you have completed all the sessions. You can simply contact his team and share your complaint, and they will refund you the money.


Jack Johnson is undoubtedly the best expert who can help you build a real business on Facebook with minimal input. His training programs provide solutions to not just one but a lot of common and uncommon issues, providing insider detail of the workings of Facebook.



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