word vomit while contemplating existence

I thought I knew who I was, and what i wanted

i lived in a little world, truth, purpose and reality where what mattered

where i dug deep, searching for meaning to this flawed existence

where i resisted the temptations of ignorance and superficiality

where i vested myself in higher values of being

but now i am lost

i do not know what i am looking for anymore

why am i here

what is it that makes this journey worth it

and why is it so easy to start drowning in all that lives here

I used to think of myself as a complex being,

yet i come here and try to simplify myself

this is not a manichaean existence

we live as complete beings,

trying to make our mundanity sound great

pretending to be on a grand journey,

but really we are all just existing and nothing more

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