Boosting Your Career

I called a friend of mine, Amna for sharing and learning from the tips explained by Sir Sohail Rizvi. She is working as a Quality Assurance Manager at a private software house. She has a practical experience of almost 2 years and I am very much inspired by her hard work and commitment towards her job.

She agreed to all the points I explained and shared some experiences from her practical life. She said she was lucky enough to get a job right after her graduation but when she went for the first day at job, she was asked to do the grunt work. She said she was surprised and disguised by the manager who was constantly asking her to coy fax or prints some documents. She said she felt bad at that time but never complained to anyone in the office. She further said that she did all this just to make a place in office and after 2 to 3 weeks they slowly started training her on software programs and the real work. There was a guy who was from the same university as she was, so she asked for his help. He assisted her through her work and guided her wherever possible. Slowly and steadily she made good relations with all other colleagues and had a very healthy working environment at office. She learned something new each day and within 8 months she proved herself and won the Best Employee of the Month Award.

She summed up every tip in her 2 years of professional life experience and I felt more convinced about the tips that really help to boost our career. I now believe that these tips are not just theories but have significant impact on our jobs if applied correctly.