Exploring the Life Purpose of my Network

I talked to 5 people in my network and got to know their Life Purpose. These people and their Life purposes are written below;

Rabia — To grow as a person and a better Human Being
Amna — Quality Assurance Manager at Netsol
Ayesha — Certified Management Accountant
Usman — Professor at HCC
Asif — Judge of the Supreme Court

I learned how every person has a different purpose in life and how passionate they were to achieve it. They all are working hard and have bearded a lot of pain to be on this path. I also learned how clear they were about it from the very start and were spending each minute to learn and move towards their aim.

It was mentioned in the course that everyone is different from the other and so are their “WHYs” in life and now strongly believe this after hearing from my network. All of these have different whys but the pain and sacrifices they were willing to make was mostly related to hard work and being focused in life.

Although their whys were different from mine but somehow related to the professional growth and the pain was in some way similar. They all are making efforts and learning each day without complaining about anything and to some extent I am doing the same.

My why is to join the corporate sector and I am learning the ways to explore the industry and to make a mark. The knowledge and education I have, will help me be the person I have always dreamed of becoming.

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