Informational Interview; Lectureship

I called someone from my personal network. His name is Muhammad Usman working as a Lecturer in Comsats Institute of Technology. This interview was very helpful in understanding lectureship as I was unaware of the entry in this field. I didn’t know many things including the career path, opportunities, incentives and specific educational institutes. Now I have a better understanding of this field and if I want to join this, I will firstly try to fulfill the eligibility criteria including research papers, publications, GAT test etc.

The list of questions including the answers is given below;

1. What is your job like? What are your duties and responsibilities regarding this job?

I’m working as a lecturer here and I’m responsible of preparing day to day lectures, delivering these to class and making mid-term and final exam papers.

2. What are your timings? Does that vary or constant throughout the year?

The timings are from 8a.m to 4p.m normally but in Ramzan it’s from 8a.m to 2p.m.

3. How many lectures you deliver in a day and what subject?

I teach Accounting Major and one lecture is of 1.5 hours. There are 6 lectures per week.

4. Why did this job interests you?

I always wanted to be a teacher. I feel comfortable and satisfied teaching and helping out others in studies.

5. How do you get this job? What are the educational requirements?

I got this job through a proper channel. We had to clear a GAT test for being selected as a potential candidate. Then we had to pass an interview then a panel interview. Apart from these 18 years of education, M.Phil is a mandatory requirement. The number of publications you have also matters for final selection.

6. What about any experience? Can fresh graduates apply?

Yes, with clearing the GAT and a number of publications anyone can get selected.

7. What do they offer to the fresh entrants?

Approximately Rs. 50,000 they pay for the entry level position and it keeps on growing with the experience.

8. Was there any formal training before going to a class for the first time?

Yes, three days training session was held at campus before visiting the class.

9. How do you progress in this field? What is the career path?

You enter as a lecturer on the criteria I told you before. Next to be promoted as an Assistant Professor you need to have experience of at least 4 years teaching along with PhD degree. To be selected or to apply for the post of Associate Professor you should have at least 6 years experience along with PhD. The ranks go on and you can be a Professor and someday I.A the Principle.

10. Why did you choose this Institute?

I saw the job add in a daily newspaper and applied here without wasting time. Because I think it’s one of the best institutes we have plus they were paying so well. I applied to other institutes too but they were offering very less as compared to them. So, I chose this over others.

11. Are you satisfied with your job?

I am very much satisfied with my job. This is my passion and I am doing what I always loved to do.

12. Okay so my last question is, will you quit this job if you find a better opportunity?

We all want something better in life and I will surely chose a better opportunity if it comes.

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