Making the first steps towards your career

I met my friend Rabia yesterday and shared the tips about starting our career. She knows about Amal academy and was always curious to know more. I asked her to apply for the coming fellowship program and also suggested her to review the Amal Course about the 6 tips to understand it better. While taking to her I realized how lucky we are to be at Amal because we know many tips and techniques that the others don’t know, mostly. The experience was great and helped me and her to understand her future goals and passion.

We started with some casual talk and then I shared the first tip which was to find our passion and aligning it with our career. She benefited most from this tip, because she was confused between her passion, a job and career. I helped her identify the key points that distinguish them. She wants to join the corporate sector but her family wants her to join Lectureship as it is considered the most respectful profession for everyone especially for women. I believe that too but it is much more important to feel happy and satisfied at your job, which I feel she may not be.

She was very much influenced by what others will say if she follows her passion. I advised her that everyone is different and the decisions are very unique to each person, what’s right for one isn’t right for the other. I suggested her to follow what she would love to do instead of worrying and thinking about the others. She was confused so I asked her to talk to her family and try to take them on her side, so she can feel more comfortable.

I also asked her to take the responsibility for all her decisions and to assure her family that whatever the outcome will be, I will be the only person responsible. I asked her not to let other people make decisions for her and not to blame anyone else. You are here to live your life and to take ownership of what you decide and for the outcomes. I encouraged her to follow her passion but also not to blame anyone else if she fails at any stage afterwards.

She agreed on a point that we must do an internship before pursuing a higher degree to confirm if she likes that field or industry. She said she will be applying for the internships at different organizations before pursuing a higher degree i.e. PhD if to follow Teaching as a profession. She agreed to do a job for a while and then decide if she would switch to her passion of working in the corporate sector or keep on doing what her family asking her to.

It was all and all a great experience; I get to know her more by listening to her career aspirations and guiding her to the path. We have talked a lot about this before but this time it was different. I had some tips to share with her and she was excited to listen to these too. We had agreements on some points and disagreements on many, but I was so happy that somehow it will help her make a better decision in future.