Reaching Out to Friends!!

Knowing about me from others specifically my friends, classmates and family is something I enjoyed this week. There were many things I didn’t know about myself. They had different stories when I asked about the time I was best at. I was excited after hearing and reliving the moments we spent together.

A friend from college told me that I’m good at arranging events. She said I arranged a class party very well. Another friend told that I am quick at making decisions and good at arranging class reunions. Some friends talked about a time where we had to submit a class project. I did all the work on my own because they couldn’t participate; busy doing other things. Sigh!

On an all it was such a delightful experience and I get to know so much about myself. I thought myself having good skills but hearing from others was completely different. After listening to all of them I have identified some points about my personality.

According to them, I am confident, loyal, active and a quick decision maker. They believe I have leadership qualities and consider my work very seriously. I’m cooperative, focused and passionate about everything I do.

Apart from the qualities, I have some weaknesses too. They think I get flare and tense easily when things don’t happen according to my expectations. They say that I’m always ready to take the burden of others even when I’m not appreciated. Some don’t consider me hard working and say I get angry too often.

I always thought about my strengths but after hearing about my weaknesses, I will definitely try to overcome these. I will try to be a better person by working on these weaknesses and utilizing my strengths in best way possible.

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