Making your Facebook account private

Image source: statista

This graph shows the number of active Facebook user there are since 2009–2016. It is clear that the number of users are increasing as time progresses. This would mean that more people are able to access our information. Like where we work, go to school and even our personal number if it’s added to the account. This information being available to everyone can disturb some people. In general, when you first open your Facebook account the privacy settings don’t pop up right away. One of the first things you do when opening a Facebook account is choosing your profile picture and start adding friends. People tend to set their privacy settings after they finished setting the account up. Some people might think that only your friends can view your posting and whatever else you have on your Facebook account. But if you don’t set your privacy settings then your account is considered to be public.

Image source: Giphy

This means that everyone will be able to view your account and see what is going on. But like in this Giphy there is a shortcut to set you privacy. If you follow the procedure shown you can make sure that only your Facebook friends can see your stuff. If you want they give you the option to customize it. Although you have all these friends on facebook there might be things you don’t want some people to see. With this customize option you can prevent some of your friends to not see your posting. Also, you can go on see more settings to advance your privacy. There are options where you can have people not tag you in any photos or prevent certain people seeing the pictures you are tagged in. If you are new to Facebook I suggest going to the more security options. So you can make your account as private as you want. I posted a video at the bottom and they take you step by step on how you can make your account private. For beginners and also people that have been using facebook can benefit a lot from it. I personally used this before writing about how to configure your privacy on Facebook. I learned things I didn’t think was possible to make private. So I would suggest checking out.

Video Source: Youtube