Who doesn’t know Bob Ross? His name may not mean a lot to us, but his appearance has some characteristic features which certainly catch everyone’s eyes. The man with the afro. His soft and mystical voice. And of course, his beautiful paintings. The one and only Bob Ross!

I have been interested in design since my childhood. Everything that has a color or a (special) shape caught my attention. I was always very curious and continuously tried new things. My mother found me very annoying because I was so active and curious. But hey, a child wouldn’t be a child if it wasn’t curious, right? When I look back, I am actually happy about it. Not about the part of my mother finding me — but the fact that I was curious and active and kept doing what I enjoyed doing.

After 25 years I am picking up…

Mehmet Yavuz

Mehmet Yavuz UI & UX designer • Designing digital products with simplicity and clarity in mind • Rotterdam, NL

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