Wandering Thoughts/ Thinking Aloud While Walking

On the very road i am walking right now is full of dog shits despite raining much in Brazil. Hey, hold on. I am an animal-lover. No room for doubt. However, i am inclined to look from reverse angle to phenomena, which i have to be like that, too. The thing i would like to discuss loudly a bit is about the ranking system of respect as an act. Frequently, we are confused at that. There are many things to show respect: God, nature, ourselves, human, animals, plants and even nonalive objects/products. Nevertheless, one of the primary one to deserve respect is human, we, ourselves, then the others. It is obvious that there is a huge gap on the whole world upon humanity. Contradictory examples could be seen at every pace of our lives. History, in this regard, can help us to make my reasons clear for a while during walking. Let’s take an example of astronomy. The area is too far from earth-us- yet it is one of the first science people wonder. The inclination comes from the desire to get to know what was happening there- far land-. Unfortunately, we cannot see our tip of nose and understand inside of us. These days researchs are still progressing, yet, we have no great conclusions apart from flim-flams. On the other hand, psychology could be the last people wondered and scientists tried to comprehend. Like astronomy, it has no great outcomes, either. Yeah, it is extremely hard to understand our soul, heart, conscience, feeling and so on.

The travel throughout history and distance between astronomy and psychology shows clearly that we all have been experiencing a great paradox, which consists of many deficiencies, questions and dilemmas. Who can fix it or are there any other reasonable solutions? I guess no. Consider the difference between obese people and animals, developed countries and African children dying from hunger thanks to European democracies! Why do omit having a look at huge humanity deficits? As for budget deficits, why not, huh? In Africa, Latin America, Muddle East, etc. there are lots of examples. Otherwise, are we more cruel than beasts in fact? As certain as 2+2=5, we have been losing our religion/faith to humanity.

P.S. I love dogs, especially German Shepherds.