“Character, Like A Photograph, Develops In The Darkness”

photo by Yousuf Karsh

Character, Like A Photograph, Develops In The Darkness

Being used to having a friend next to me during weekend walks, I end up being murmuring to myself; all this chaos will pass, how will we remember these times? A month ago, you would consider all ideas about balancing your private vs. business life and end up deciding to spend more time with your family, now you would give it all to go back to old routine. You would consider limiting your kids’ exposure to digital devices, now all their future education depends on those. You would envy all extrovert’s socializing ability and now be surprised that you would be listening to introvert’s guide to staying at home. You would assume your home life would be irrelevant to your professional life and now seeing your professional life settled into your living room sofa (seems it will stay there for sometime)

So, you would try whatever you can to re-create whatever you lost from 4 weeks ago. With horn of the car across the road, I wake up and come back to first question, we will somehow survive this crisis and so what?

All the feed we get through different media channels is quick productivity tips that will lose its relevance very soon. For example, all the tips of having great virtual meetings is already leaving its place to advice on how to take “real breaks” after insane sessions of video calls, virtual happy hours and virtual social nights who already drained most of us (of course who has the luxury of being able to work home).

Apparently, all this storm will pass, and we will be left with questions on what choices we made for ourselves, our families, our colleagues, and our communities?

Let’s already step back remember the first choices we all made when the Covid first appeared in China; run away from any Asian looking person, have no problem with accusing Chinese eating the x, y, z animal while still enjoying the gadget made by the same person’s labor. And when the shit hits our fan, world’s “so called” leader closes all borders, EU proves again being a non-union and we see almost no difference between personal behavior and governmental acts; choice of disunity, distrust and non-solidarity instead of all possible great options. We will remember these choices; history will remember it.

In a time where no customary management method, experience, strategy seems convincing, it will be our characters that will make the most impact; do we really care about others? do we really trust each other? are we really connected to take care of each other beyond corporate guidelines?

Repeating the lines of Yousuf Karsh, master photographer of the 20th century; Character, Like A Photograph, Develops In The Darkness. I hope we all make choices that we will be proud of after this storm passes.




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Mehmet Deniz Kaya

Mehmet Deniz Kaya

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