ERC20 is a standard for Ethereum contracts to create tokens living on the Ethereum chain. Each ERC20 token is a smart contract consist of some functions defined in its ABI. I don’t know if you are familiar with the Ethereum terminology so I’ll explain these alien words to you briefly.


ABI, Application Binary Interface is a pretty common concept in Computer Science and its applications. Usually referred to in OS development, an ABI is a binary interface that provides functions that you can call. In Ethereum an ABI is a description of what a smart contract can store and do…

I constantly play with Javascript and time to time read other people’s code. Also checking new proposals here. When I read and code lots of different expressions arise and in Javascript, I believe I’ll always find interesting things. Here are some pieces of knowledge that I think you’ll find interesting.

For Await

Generators is an unintuitive topic for newcomers and maybe some seasoned developers too. Generators are basically functions which yield the next value at every iteration call which is Here is an example. Let’s write a very simple generator function.

function* myFirstGenerator(num) {
yield 2 * num;

I like to play with the code. When I see some way of writing code in somewhere for Javascript, I immediately try to understand inner-workings of it. In this post, I will show you 10 strange Javascript situations/tricks and explanations of them.

Python-like range() in Javascript

In Python, the range is used a lot in for loops. In Javascript people usually use for loop with index but you can have a better way of using forEach with something like the range in Python.

for index in range(7):

is something like this in Javascript

[...Array(7)].forEach((e, i) => {
// e is undefined because…

REST stands for Representational State Transfer — don’t worry, I will teach you each term in a very clear way -. I am sure you heard “RESTful API” term before and are acquainted with REST architecture and applications.

As can be seen in usage, REST is an architectural style for constructing Web Services(WS — This abbreviation is important for understanding other components of other Web Services like “Web Services Definition Language[WSDL]” of SOAP for example. REST Web Services is abbreviated as “RWS”) over HTTP — recently over TLS and SSL.

What does REST over HTTP means?

HTTP is an application layer(layer 7) protocol in OSI(You should…

I am sure you are familiar with JSON Structure — JSON stands for Javascript Object Notation. Some people say JSON notation but even though I don’t think it is wrong, the double notation doesn’t look good -. You see it everywhere. I am not so sure you are familiar with JSON Schema. This post meant to be read by everyone, not just beginners. I write it to people who are ready to feel like beginners.

Why do we need to learn JSON?

Maybe 15 years ago, when the ASP programmers were ubiquitous, XML (eXtensible Markup Language) responses were popular. …

Refactoring was something I’ve always felt “not good enough” at it. Maybe it’s because of my perfectionism, probably it’s because of my perfectionism, I wanted to have a good quality code which I can show to other people and I know you share the same concern. Refactoring is one of the subjects which separates a good developer from a bad developer, so be ready about it. Before starting to learn you may want to learn how to learn, you can click here to learn about learning.

I’ll introduce you to 8 refactorings in this blog post, and other octets in…

I use Typescript extensively for everything as well as React. When I wanted to learn to test with the stack given above, surprisingly I couldn’t find any source or blog post to benefit from. After doing plenty of research and code reading, I created a mixture solution from other developers efforts, maybe it will be merely translating their code to Typescript and pruning a bit but the main point is understanding the fundamentals of the process. We will test a component with Jest framework from the beginning in this post, starting from setting it up.

Before doing anything, we need…

I tinker with javascript from time to time, sometimes solving others’ questions. This post contains interesting findings of my tinkering. It contains 4 examples you can enjoy. Very short and a concise post I think. Here the encounters:

Self-regulating function

One of the toptal interview questions was interesting. Question wanted me to find whether a string is a palindrome or not. For example “madam” is a palindrome, the word is the same when you start to write it backward. It was quite easy:

function isPalindrome(str) {
str = str.replace(/\W/g, '').toLowerCase();
return (str == str.split('').reverse().join(''));

There wasn’t any sanitization in my solution…

On top of gradients, neurons are the next thing which will contribute to our understanding of artificial neural networks and backpropagation. In this blog post, we will speak about modern artificial neurons and strengthen our understanding of them by learning about real neurons and perceptrons without using any math with a top-down approach. I know you scroll down when you see math, don’t worry. I recommend you to read until the end with patience.

A network of real neurons

Modern Artificial Neurons

There are several ways to identify what an artificial neuron is. If you learn better with a comparison, artificial neurons are like perceptrons — and perceptrons…

Gradient descent and backpropagation are at the heart of deep learning models’ functioning. According to 1st place Kaggle competitor “bestfitting”(click here to read bestfitting’s interview), understanding why a model works is important, and you shouldn’t use something you cannot understand. Even though I advocate a top-down approach in learning deep learning, time has come to learn the fundamentals. We will start with gradients(not descent first) and their key components derivatives(tangent lines) and the curves which tangent lines be placed on. Let’s start.

Curves and Surfaces

I said we will start with gradients and you say “there is the word curves standing in front…

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