#1 Action Comes First: 100 Days Challenge

“Get off your ass and do something" I’ve read this cliché sentence, then my life changed. I said, yeah, it is the only way of success. If you wait for inspiration all day, when will you spend time for acting? Whenever you start, you approach to your goal.

Waiting is not Enough

I was waiting to start my side-project, 100 day-in-a-row medium publishing. Reading is fruitful only in a limited way. Medium is an amazing place to be encouraged for creative writing, with lots of articles, authors, accounts go around it. So I ask myself: What am I waiting?

Thinking vs Writing

Actually, expressing ideas seem very harder than thinking about something. At least for me, thinking is not a well-organized business. It is just like a free-roaming across ideas, images, abstractions filled my mind. However, writing requires more attention and planning, because you have to tidy your ideas up to tell to “readers"

Motivation Comes After Starting

Today, I’ve learnt that I shouldn’t wait for getting inspiration anymore. Instead, I have to combat with my silly laziness that makes the life unbearable. Think of a guy don’t do anything but just reading news articles all day: no writing, no studying, no going out.

I’m not worried about my inadequate language skills. Yes, I’m not good at “everyday English”. This is why I’m starting this series.

So you can observe the progress, criticize, contribute, and comment. We will see together I can do or not.

Stay active, do better!