6 Major Trends in Architecture

Originally posted on Linkedin

1) Green design — Gensler, Stantec, Turner lead ‘green’ firms

2) New building materials (&more sustainable) — (i.e. Ecovative, a New York startup)

3) More collaboration — will need to collaborate with more experts from different fields, like social anthropologists and environmental scientists

4) Thinking behind design (&looks) — not as flashy, but far more useful (Rem Koolhaas is out) ie. client wanted to encourage spontaneous run-ins between employees. I love Koolhaas. The trend I see is, people are moving towards usefulness much more than the looks. Flashy designs are out. (Unfortunately, I see Koolhaas associated with the more flashier designs, but usefulness.)

5) Prefab — Luxury modular homes (like Rockwell group)

plus a sixth coming trend, which will shape Architecture in the future is;

6) 3D printed building materials:

World’s first fully 3D printed office to be produced in Dubai (20-foot tall printer will be needed for the project, spewing out construction material consisting of special reinforced concrete, fiber reinforced plastic, and glass fiber reinforced gypsum.)

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