Difference between interested and interesting and which one is important in life

When talking about yourself or your feelings, it is about interested and when talking about others or something outside yourself, it becomes interesting.

In whole my life I never have a friend who is sincere with me every time people cheat me just fulfill their work and move no. Up till now I am always confused that why people always do this with me although am never cheated anyone, then I read a book chapter named Do this and you’ll be Welcome anywhere” from How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie.

After reading this book my thoughts completely changed and I recognized that everyone in this world want attention because it is human nature, every single person in this world want someone which can listen their sorrows and give them some soft or strong worlds which help them to fight against their problems. I learned that “no one be your friend if you are only interested in me, me, me.” One should forget his own if he/she wants people in his/her life that give love and support because if you give care, attention and love to other, other people definitely give all of them in return.AS a Muslim I have a biggest example of my holy prophet “Hazrat Muhammad (SAW)” initially when he start preaching Islam no one give him attention but only by his soft nature, love, attention and the way by which he forget himself and only think about peoples, not only move peoples toward Islam but also encourage them to Love him unconditional like done by Hazrat Umar farooq (R.A).

MORAL: if you want people’s love you and you are respected everywhere then firstly give them attention, care and love, be interested in them rather than interesting in them.

To apply this in my real life I took “interested challenge” in which you talk with peoples about them rather than about yourself. So to complete this challenge and learn something I talked with my various friends and with my family members especially with my mom as all of you know today life is so much busy and we all are busy in our life we don’t even recognize that we should give some time to our parents talk to them which not only give us satisfaction but also give happiness to our parents. One whole day I talked to my mom together we done a lot of gossip and I feel my mom feel special this activity give my mom to much happiness and “I learned that we all know that we should give respect, time and love to our parents this is something which sound interesting but when we really do this we found we should be interested in it.”

Similarly in our daily life we should be interested in something rather than interesting, like in a job interview of company you don’t be able to get a job unless you tell them how much you interested in them, in their company and this can be done by doing excessive research about company and become more informed about this company.

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