When edhi sir dont have money to help the peoples.he does not take help from any foreign agency because he have faith on ALLAH PAK that ALLAH PAK help him definitely then he stood on roads to collect money from own country which is one of principal of progress.

  1. Edhi sir life example which inspired me most is their willingness to stand on roads to collect money for needy peoples.To stand on road by believing that ALLAH will help him to collect money for needy peoples to achieve their purpose of life.
  2. I learned a lot from this i mean we should always have a faith and belief on ALLAH.He will never leave us alone we just need to take a initiative and then ALLAH PAK help us in such a way that even we don’t think about it.

Part 2:

My juststart project/goal is to achieve a job of any kind in any area of pharmacy like retailing,industry and hospital.

  1. To get a job of any kind.
  2. I want a job to support my family.
  3. I want to get a job with high salary and not accept a job with low pay in past but now i’ll apply to different places and can join anywhere where i can get at least experience to progress in my life.

Third paragraph:

  1. My experience while am completing my task was really very good as i am really satisfied know.
  2. Different kind of challenges i faced like difficulty in controlling my self (control my anger) and show tolerance and submitting CVs to different places.
  3. I learn to do sabar and have complete faith on ALLAH PAK as he has better plan for us and just to take a start.
  4. Waiting for job and if i get the job do it with honesty and hard work.
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