I believe developers make mistakes more than ordinary people! I also believe that version controls know this as a fact. I myself have faced many hard situations by making a mistake on stage or even production. Recently I’ve seen some of my co-workers were struggling to undo an unwanted mistake…

Some weeks ago I was struggling with a React.js project which had a lot of old and deprecated dependencies and plugins. I started upgrading Webpack version (from 4.5 to 5.5) and Babel version (from 6 to 7). You should keep in mind that after upgrading just your bundler and trans-compiler…

CORS error is so annoying if you are a front-end developer. Because this should be handled by the backend, but sometimes it’s not handled for any reason.

CORS error

If you don’t access to the server or want to avoid solutions like having a proxy server on VPS or host, this article…

As you may know, CSS comes with a lot of frameworks and libraries these days. I have worked with bootstrap 4, material UI and a little bit ant design so far. In this article I want to share my opinion with you about the pros and cons of these tools.


Mehran Hajirajabi

B.S degree in Computer Engineering at Sharif University of Technology/ Front-End Web Developer at Asa Co. / Bass Player

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