How to Sell ? Here is a 3 Steps formula to sell your product or service .

Business is all about selling, some people sell their skills through FREELANCING sites, some people sell knowledge or entertainment through blogging, some people sell merchandise through e-commerce stores.

In some ways, they get paid through customers directly and in other cases, they sell the inventory of 3rd party (google ads) and get paid indirectly.


The real money is in selling your own product or service to your own customers through your own mediums like I do at WP Relieve .

To sell your product or service you need 3 things:
1) Value 
2) Audience
3) Content

Value: What benefits can your Product or Service provide to people

Audience: People who will be interested in getting those benefits , sometimes some of your audiences are around you, you just have to pinpoint them.

Content: The words or stories that will make your audience believe you, see their benefit in the product/service and ultimately create a desire to perform actions that you want them to perform.

This simple 3 step formula can help you sell anything to anyone.

If you find this info helpful; then join and ASK ASK ASK ; i will show as well as explain in front of you a live example of a product that was built and executed on this same formula.