Talk to marketers too. Google’s missing link to cloud domination.

Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg
Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg. Photo:
Hyper-Scale Cloud Providers
Hyper-Scale Cloud Providers. Photo:

What Is Complicated?

Suppose you want to get a 3 TB cloud data storage for your website and decide to check out Google cloud storage.

Comparing the balanced VS engineer based style of Marketing

So let’s take a look at CloudFlare vs. Google Cloud CDN which portrays what marketing departments (or good product marketers) can bring to the table.

Google Cloud CDN. An engineer-based product development.
cloudflare plans
CloudFlare, a more balanced approach to product development.

Lets just imagine…

That google with all it’s might, brand leverage, advertising power made their customer acquisition process easier and better?

Cloud market share
Cloud Services Market Share. Source: Synergy Research Group.

Why AWS is Better than Google?

AWS didn’t talk to their marketers either. They are confusing too. (Even more confusing)
But they are the show-runners in clouds.

1- Early Risers

At the start of the cloud marathon, Amazon was already a big enterprise and a household name.

2- Talk now

Currently, AWS is doing a very good job on their marketing & branding.

3- Superior Brand

I love google but why didn’t they choose a name for their platform?

Google Cloud Platform



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