The Alchemy of life

The book,”How to win friends and influence people”by Dale Carnegie deals with the basic principle of life that is about collective approach to serve the mankind.The purpose of life is to serve others and focus on social reforms that is what I have learnt from sociology. The writer has mentioned different life examples to expose the secret of success. He has described various influential stories of many successful persons who have made their way through their humble and positive approach towards others. The writer was very much impressed by the way of Mr. Thurston (Magician) who amused his audience by giving them huge respect and affection. He used to show enthusiasm and deep sense of love for his audience because admiration comes from others when one is valuing their comments.

Another great story is about American President Theodore Roosevelt who was very kind and polite to others, even with his servants. He was very popular for his courteous manner and this enabled him to earn a good name. Every time he greeted warmly to every one of the White House. All this make it clear that respect is a two-way road which ultimately will benefit the person with good human characteristics. All these great man proved themselves to be friendly, sincere and respect for other fellow beings.This book basically exposed the alchemy of successful life in the following ways:

  1. How one can make trustworthy relationship with the help of one’s basic instincts of showing affection to others.
  2. Showing care that one is interested in them.
  3. Respect for others while listening to their problems.
  4. Less focus on oneself and being intimate to others.
  5. Give love dose by making people believe that they are important for you.

I have also applied these rules to some extent in my personal life. I have been an average introvert during my school life. I used to talk a little bit with my fellows and I was hesitant to make social contacts with so many people. But,when I entered into university, I came to realized this deficiency. I started taking part in other social activities and made my circle of friends. It helped me to boost up my potential of social interaction. As a sociologist, I am fully aware to give worth to all individuals because a healthy environment can only be maintained through healthy relations. Now, I talk to my other fellows and listen to their problems amicably. They never hesitate to ask me something and I feel very comfortable in providing help to them. I am boarding student that’s why I often have to carefully listen and examine the social issues of my other fellow beings. This practice helped me lot to understand the human psychology. I like to be involved myself as an “interested person” rather than being interesting. I believe that purpose of life is to serve others first and it will automatically remove obstacles from your path.