5 Reasons You Should Not Read This Article And 5 Reasons Why You Weren’t Going To Anyway. #3 Will Shock You !!!

Everywhere I turn to all I see are packs of good, ol’ vulnerable people desperate enough to give up their precious time in their equally desperate attempt too “turn” their life around, just by reading 10 points written by some high and mighty douche lord who seems to be perfectly equipped to answer Life’s mysteries with his P.H.D in being a hypocritical, insecure and narcissitic ( or however it’s written ) A-hole.

But here’s why you definitely should not read this article.

  1. It’s not going to offer any easy custom made, nearly impossible-to-achieve solutions or hacks on how to live your life. To the contrary, it is only going to suggest that you live your life the way you see fit, without the persistant pain in you buttocks to somehow “fix” your life.
  2. It does not offer anything that people “WANT” to hear. It’s not some factory made, industrial intellectual vomit whose only purpose is to say some pleasant things about life and tell people what they already know.
  3. It isn’t going to magically turn your life around. Oh, the irony.
  4. It’s written by an amateur, with no fancy credentials to his name.
  5. It’s completely useless. That’s right. At this point, I don’t even know what I’m doing.

Now, 5 reasons why you weren’t going to read it anyway

  1. You’re busy reading some intensive self help guide by someone you barely know, who only gets his kicks by offering advises to other people. And the fact that you read several of them each day, every day,without actually noticing any difference is not a good enough point to stop you.
  2. You don’t read anything that is hasn’t been yet appraised by the medium community. AKA you’re a sheep.
  3. You have zero faith on your own instincts as to what methods of self improvement would work for you or suit you.
  4. You only like to read what you already know, because you have the intellectual capacity to only digest the things your belief system supports.
  5. Because you have other stuff to do. Which is pretty understandable, really.

So, get out there, and just follow the life changing advices and don’t forget to turn your life around.

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