I Don’t Care If They Discover the Cause of Bipolar
Janet Coburn

Let’s see why the knowledge of what causes B.D is really helpful to everyone suffering from it —

  1. By knowing what exactly is causing the condition ( assuming that it’s not entirely genetic ) will provide an opportunity to B.D sufferers to at least make sure that the same condition is not passed on to their children., at least not with the same intensity.
  2. Knowledge about the nature of the condition itself would enable us to understand better ways to manage it. Maybe there’s a certain diet that helps us in managing our mood better. Without knowing what causes the condition, making assumptions would be a shot in the dark
  3. The idea of a cure as you have hinted above can be made only after understanding the condition to the fullest. Finding a cure before gaining a better nature of the condition itself is quite absurd.
  4. Statements like “What’s wrong with me” would finally have a definitive answer.

I find your view juvenile. You, sir did not make any sense IMHO.

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