Why Freud Still Matters (Even Though He Was Wrong About Almost Everything) | Professor Brandon…
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Science is not an absolute function. Scientific beliefs and theories keep evolving with time. As a way to correct themselves.

But in all of mankind’s existence, psychiatry is still not a full proof system. No conclusive results can be drawn to this day. When confronted with the question, “Why is the mind built the way it is” or “What exactly causes mind to behave the way it does”, scientists still point out to a number of possibilities and conclude with the sentence, “Though it is not clear why _ and _”

“Of course, Freud offers more than the sex parts” are a meek attempt to engage with readers whose only reference to Freud are through his depiction in pop culture.

But when someone with the intellectual capacity as you try to judge the genius of someone like Freud, it is clear how disillusioned the modern man has become in relation to his understanding of the world of psychiatry.

It is easy to criticize and find faults in someone’s beliefs ( for beliefs are constantly changing ), but only a few hold the intellectual capacity to appreciate a man’s intelligence, and know how their mere existence has changed our lives for good.

All in all, how did you even become a professor. The points you make are incredibly juvenile. “It is rude to say this & this”. What point are you trying to establish ? Just because your view is different, doesn’t automatically make it substantial.

People like you always want to appear starter than you really are. But since, you lack the intellectual gifted-ness that is found in others ( the ones you have been secretly envying and trying to emulate since childhood ), you turn to courses and books to pursue some complex subject such as philosophy or economics, in your case, psychology. But since you still lack a basic intellect, you provide juvenile theories and offer your juvenile views of others work ( someone who have actually made a difference in the world of psychiatry ).

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