Unfortunately Medium is a incredibly stupid place

This site is filled with people of all kinds. Pseudo intellectuals, self styled spiritual gurus, psychology experts and depression struck lost souls.

Most of whom make articles along the following lines.

10 reasons why you’re suffering from _ & _ and 10 ways to solve them

10 lessons from a life guru ( me)

10 < insert human vulnerability here > and how to fix them.

Yeah, I’ll teach you. I am very smart, don’t you read the news. I’m also highly insecure of my own beliefs and I shall force my beliefs on any innocent soul, who has time to kill.

I, me and myself are the only things that matter to me.

The second category of people here include the so called “ depressed” lot. People who have high paying jobs, plenty of devoted readers, are in a relationship, travel a lot, have a good support group and still like to consider themselves as the unforgivens.

Mind you that there are plenty of people who are way worse than you, but in your writings is again the same ideology.

I, me and myself. Compassion, much ?

Then, there are the social commentators and critics. People who are force-feeding their own viewpoints about the whole system like a obnoxious a hole. I should know, that’s what I’m doing right now.

But does that make me happy, now ? Nope. I still hate all of you.

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