Different Indian Styles for draping Saree.

Different Indian Styles for draping Saree

Western culture is increasing dominantly in our country in different ways whether it is dressing, food and another way of living. But still our culture is not completely eliminated, it exists within every religion. In the case of dressing, ladies and girls choose western outfits but when there is any traditional occasion then only traditional dresses are preferred. Saree is the most common traditional outfit which is mostly used in ethnic wear. Women and girls of any age group can wear sarees. But the same saree if worn again and again looks awkward. So, instead of wearing your saree in the same way you can change your saree carrying styles.

Mehta Saree Centre describes different styles for wearing a Saree:

Bengali Saree draping:-It is one of the best dressing or draping styles for saree. It is simple as well as easy to carry. This style has two wide pleats and a key ring which hold the pallu. Usually, handloom sarees are worn in this style but cotton sarees and brocade sarees are also draped in this style.

Lehenga Style Draping:-It is another way of draping. It is usually preferred by newlyweds or in a close one’s wedding. Instead of wearing lehenga you can drape your saree in this style which perfectly looks like a lehenga. With many pleats tucked around the waist, it gives totally lehenga look.

The Bollywood way:-People are more influenced by Bollywood activities, especially ladies for dressing styles. Bollywood saree makes you look and feel gorgeous just like Bollywood divas. It has very minute pleats and border is clearly explained which gives you a unique look. The pallu is extremely thin which gives an attractive look to saree.

Mumtaz style:-It is a very old style of saree draping but still popular and worn by ladies in any special occasions. This style defines the beauty of a bygone period.

Maharashtrian style:-This saree is longer than normal sarees usually 9 meters long. No petticoat is required for draping this saree. It looks prettier when worn with a nose ring.

There are many other ways to drape a saree which gives you an amazing look. You just have to adopt these saree draping styles to look beautiful! And to get a saree visit, Mehta Saree Centre.