Midnight Special (2016) — Brief Review


Take early Spielberg sci-fi, strip out the populism and replace it with a sense of moral/religious unmooring. Then imagine that the script was written while the author was temporarily living out of a Motel 6 room somewhere in northern Louisiana.

Definitely see it - See it - Skip it - Loathe it:

Definitely see it.

Misc. thoughts:

Natural, spare lighting makes the visual FX bursts pleasantly startling. And beautiful.

The self-conscious and deliberate editing creates an almost too-regular rhythm that threatens to make the film stiff. That is, if the actors weren’t all so friggin’ good. Every. Single. One. Shannon, Dunst, Edgerton, Driver and Sparks in particular.

“Alton!” — the true climax of the film from a sleight of hand artist of a director. The visual splendor after? That’s the flourish. The trick has already happened.

Nichols should adapt a Cormac McCarthy novel. Suttree would be a nice challenge. No one has done McCarthy justice on screen yet, but Nichols could.