Concise coverage of the alliances and technologies that is taking us closer to a world without passwords.


  • Problem with passwords
  • Cost to Companies
  • Types of Authentication
  • Multi-Step Authentication
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Advances in Bio-metrics
  • FIDO Alliance
  • WebAthn Protocol
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Problem with Passwords

Although they keep our assets safe from malicious users, there are few fundamental problem with the system of passwords.

So many to Remember

Literally every device or web account we access requires us to authenticate ourselves with the help of passwords. At the end of the day, we are left with so many to remember.

A recent study showed an average IT person has to remember between…

A concise coverage on Digital Certificates and its ecosystem . Aim to provide you an overview of what the key concepts are. Basic knowledge of SSL is assumed.


  • Types of Certificates based on Validation
  • Types of Certificates based on Domain Support
  • Certificate Chain / CA Bundle
  • Cryptography Data Container Formats (PKCS, PEM)
  • Certificate related files (CSR, PFX, CER, CRT etc)
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Types of Certificates based on Validation

CAs issue SSL certificate to entities after a set of validations. This validation differs based on what level of trust entities wants to establish with their users.

Domain Validity (DV) Certificates

Most common types of SSL certificates. It needs the lowest form of validation…

Concise coverage of the SSL technology and its ecosystem. Aim to provide you an overview of what the key concepts are. Basic knowledge of HTTP, Encryption, Web is assumed.


  • SSL
  • TLS
  • Digital Certificate
  • SSL working
  • SSL handshake
  • X.509
  • Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
  • OpenSSL

What is HTTPS?

A secure way of transferring HTTP messages over the internet. Almost the entire HTTP message is encrypted before sending it to other party. Only the part which is essential to route the message to the recipient is left as unencrypted.

What is SSL?

Technology to establish a secure link between two systems. Using the SSL, the data transfer between…

Water is everywhere around and within us. Nearly 70% of our planet’s surface is covered with it. Nearly 60% of the human body is made of it. It is the most abundant compound found in the universe mainly because it is made up of hydrogen and oxygen (H20) which themselves are among the top 3 abundantly found elements of the known world.

Even though the water is ubiquitous, most of what we see, whether in our solar system or beyond, is in the form of vapor or ice. Liquid water is hard to come by. Water remains liquid over a…

The piano is a cool instrument. Creating its virtual world sibling is a cool experience too. Again being a UI application, a lot of thought has to go into making small usability enhancements that uplift the user engagement.

I’ll cover some of the crucial technical takeaways I had while making an app like the following.

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The look

Giving a piano-like look, you would need two different colored blocks, the white ones, and the black ones.

The white blocks need to be placed next to each other. …

Creating an application (especially a UI application) is a lot of fun especially because you get to make it as aesthetically rich as possible to give a pleasing end-user experience. This is the time when your creative juices get flowing, and a product of your imagination takes shape into the physical reality. The journey is exhilarating.

I recently attempted to make a few small beginner applications for academic sake. All of them were made using a very basic beginner level knowledge of the front-end technologies. I wanted to share my technical takeaways from them.

In this article, I’ll start with…

In the last two stories, we covered a few of Python’s handy features to write efficient code. In this section, we’ll peek into Python’s Collections which offers a range of cool advanced data structures (on top of the built-in ones) which you would need ‘once in a while’ dealing with complex problems.

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Python provides the following built-in data structures for regular work.


An ordered collection of items. Heterogenous (can store items of more than one data type). Mutable (We can add or remove data at any point in time in its lifecycle, allowing it to stretch or shrink to any…

In the last article, we saw Python’s coolest features built around variables, operators, loops, and functions. In this article, we’ll cover intermediate features that are built around data structures and iterations which eases out working with them, and to solve a problem in shorter lines of code.

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Universal `in’ operator

One of the most common tasks dealing with any data structure is to check for the existence of a particular item in it. …

While the other programming languages were basking in the glory for being the eye candy of the mainstream software development industry and were widely used to solve complex problems, the scripting languages especially Python, were only looked at for specific use cases. They lingered in the shadows of their superior counterparts. Times have changed though, and so does their fortune. The latest popularity chart shows the two scripting languages are ruling today’s market by covering 50% of the total market share. Watch the upward curve of Python since the turn of the century.

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Python is designed keeping code readability as…

A couple of weeks ago, England held the draw for, The Hundred, their franchise styled ‘city vs city’ league which is scheduled to take off from next June, the start of the English summer. England is in the middle of cricketing euphoria where every new event is bringing an unprecedented ecstasy to the people of their country. Ben stokes' heroics gave them an indelible summer but come winter the same year, they find themselves launching their own cricket league, marking another chapter in their glorious year.

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Although England is late to catch the bus, to join the T20 bandwagon, their…

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