Start your online shopping website | How to start online grocery in India

Start your online shopping website | How to start online grocery in India

A market is a retail location that basically offers foods.A merchant or a grocer is a mass selller of goods.Markets frequently offer non-perishable nourishment that is bundled in jars, bottles and boxes, with some additionally having crisp produce, butchers, stores, and bread shops. Extensive markets that stock critical measures of non-sustenance items, for example, garments and family things, are called general stores.

selling grocery along with daily used product can help you to earn profit, people find grocery is necessary stuff in his daily life. but, some people don’t have that much time to spend in grocery they prefer to buy online to save time and this finds a buyer a safe and easy way to buy grocery online.

In this article we will discuss about How to start online grocery store in India and how to raise profit and also dealing with customer to buy grocery products.

Steps for How to start online grocery stores in India

1.course of action of goods — arrange your goods with yourself or by tying up with other retailers in initial stage it will help you to learn about the selling of product online and prepare a content of goods with a profit margin and which you want to keep in your store and arrange according to it.

2. Register your business — Before starting any online business you need to register it, you can do as a sole proprietor or as a partnership. you can do this with the hep of chartered accountant and get a VAT id for sales tax submission.

3. Improvement near by delivery system — In online grocery store you need to sell products and having an option of delivery goods. you will have to decide the range like 5km or 15km or whole city for delivering products and provide 3–4 delivery boys with a bike in the starting according to the sales and demand in the market.

4. Publish your website — To start your online grocery store you need to publish your website like Nwebkart, so that buyer got to know about this store and connect with you for shopping goods. you can publish your website with other website as well to promote your online store and can post your grocery photos to close connect with customers.

5. Payment method — In online grocery you can provide cash on delivery of goods is the most prefer way. as you can sell goods and with other hand you earn money without ant hassle,if you want you can get payment through debit cards or internet banking, but the company will deduct the charge and will get the money after 5 -6 days, so COD is more preferable for you.

Some tips -

1. Make your website a mobile responsive site where you can make orders and delivery with your phones and not need to open your system again and again. it will save your time also.

2. Put your contact number at the top of the site so that the buyer can easily connect with you or you can resolve his problems.

3. Make your website up to date and with language change facility so that you can easily deal with your customers.

4. You can also take a delivery charges also according to the delivery range

5.Provide variety of products and different type of packaging like rice 1kg, 10kg and so on, so the customer will get a variety in the product according to there needs.


1. product and services

2. Delivery bikes or vans and 2–4 delivery boys

3. House with small office

4. 8 months marketing expense setup

5. 6 months salary and other expenses setup.

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