Labour Accommodation Is Key

Here's how it goes, Most of the Construction site and companies neglect the most important aspect their “LABOUR”.

The One of the major element in any construction site, are the people who make it by giving all their efforts, sweat and energy. Still many of owners or the managers don’t care enough about the people, their livelihoods, their food, their health, their living conditions or their ACCOMMODATION

As per surveys and many voices of the workers in our country, showed us the sad truth about the site conditions of the workers. As they have nowhere to go or to stay many of the worker live beside the sites and cook their own food. Such people have health problems and many injuries.

Here’s the main part, as the on site working place is full of risk, they can get injured with things falling from above, to the things kept on the ground, as day to day arrival of the vehicles and other raw material including stones, Cement and much more, creating pollution and dirt all around the site. The workers have to eat , stay and sleep around all those things.

Action has to be taken,as figures show the rising cost of negligence and greed. The injuries and long term health damage to the workers because of poor living conditions is well documented. And as responsible companies, it is our duty to provide the basic and minimum requirements in terms of food and living.