Burden of Education

Most of us went through the sham as children. It is almost like herd mentality. No one questions the status quo. I am not saying going to school is wrong but it is not the best answer to how kids ought to be educated.

Kids have to wake up early, put up with all kinds of teachers, face bullies, come home to do homework and repeat the torture all over again. First off, why does a school day have to be so long. I believe four hours a day are more than enough to spend at school. The rest of the day allows children to pursue their real passions.

Homework has to be banned. Once a child is at home, schools have no right to invade family time. Surprisingly, some parents are all for more homework. Not sure if they really understand a child’s feelings.

Schools can make education interesting by introducing sports or other activities. This can help kids look forward to going to school. All work and no play makes Jack a dully boy.

I also believe children do not have to learn all the subjects. How many of us remember what we learnt in our school days. There are some basic concepts that need to be taught. Children can be introduced to all the subjects but they should be given the choice to opt out of those they are not interested in.

As children reach higher grades, teachers should guide them into picking up a vocation that could lead them to jobs they love. Not everyone has to be a doctor/engineer. Learn what you like and you will like what you do.

I appeal to parents to observe if their kids feel burdened with school in any way — especially long hours and/or excessive homework. Let your kids have a childhood that they recall with a smile.