The reading of Borges’ Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius reveals an innate structure of the creative process; and its power to restructure the underlying metaphysics of our shared reality.

Jorge Luis Borges. 1899 -1986

Borges has an incredible gift to lead the imagination into a path of labyrinthine proportions — that in their imaginings deconstruct the…

Exploring the postmodern legacy of productive difference.

Joseph Albers, Study for the Homage to the Square. 1975

Difference as production, instead of a negation of identity, is a central theme in postmodern philosophy. Deleuze explores this very centrally in his book Nietzsche and Philosophy (1962). In this work Deleuze uses Nietzsche to address the regimes of thinking inherent within Kant…

Mehul Sangham

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