Amal Principal’s of Progress Related to Edhi Life’s and my own story

“People have become educated but have yet to become Human” (Abdul Sattar Edhi)

Abdul Sattar was born in 28 February 1928 . He was great legend and still exist in everyone’s heart no one can forget him and no one is who don’t know about him. He spent his entire life for the prosperity of humanity. His real life is the specimen of Simpleness. His Family had a Spirit of Humanitarianism.He acquire the flair to avoid surplus from his grandfather,Passion to forgiving People and helping the poor and needy learnt from his mother and have faith on his own belief from his father.

Abdul Sattar Edhi

He helped his mother in charity during Ramzan and Eid. This act helped him understand who is lazy and who is needy.

“ If the one women is educated then the whole family will be educated.”

His mother always taught him to help the poor and needy.

He save the money not for him but for humanity.
Kindness begins from little actions. his mother would give him 2 paisa she always said to him use 1 paisa for your meals and another to give to a poor child. Edhi was known for his ascetic lifestyle, owning only two pairs of clothes, never taking a salary from his organisation.Its really gives a lot of happiness helping others. I learnt this from my parents help the poor and needy people and the ones who is seeking for help they never said no to anyone. when i received my pocket money i distribute pocket money half for needy people and when i went to university, markets or other place help them.( Eck Aur Eck giara)

Some people needs money, some people wants food, some people wants smile, yes smile I wanna share my story which happens with me in Lahore 2016. Our car stopped because of singles i was seeing beauty of nature suddenly I glance at a bus my uncle said to me in the bus are special childern’s. i felt sad for them they were are also looking to my side. childern’s of 10 years old were coming from school so because of this they were too lazy. when i pass the smile they said to his friend and they were start smiling and forget their laziness and saying “ Hy” to me when the signal turn on we moved toward right and they moved to left then i realized and feel happy. My whole journey passed for thinking about those childerns and the reason of coming to Lahore today i did a good work i was the reason of someones smile and i never forget this.

so we should start from little deeds of kindness. Edhi helped the poor and learnt a lot from him and one day he never to be found anywhere he lost his first teacher and but never lost his aim to help poor. (Patience)

The list of Edhi’s achievements and contributions can take pages to fill but here is a very small glimpse of the incredible man who has been called a Saint.

Edhi sb follow the whole principle of progress.

Amal by his work, now number 1 charity and welfare organization network in all over the work, khudi self- confidence stay positive and wanted to change.
Greatest Humanitarian ( Abdul Sattar Edhi)

Just start :Sometimes we cannot do the things which we want because the fear of failure. we don’t wanna face the failure but for me the word failure is just alphabates. “failure is the first step of success” if we fail in anything that is not failure actually we are more closer to success. In my life some of works which i did not do because of the fear or failure when i performed those works i got success. we have to move on like Tourtile and Rabbit story. slowly slowly but continuously moving is progress.

I always afraid of lizards. today i wanna lessen this fear. how i can do this..?

i was sitting on the stairs and looking a lizard. that was looking so horrible i wanna catch that lizard but because of the fear i did not doing. after one hour i thought no i have to do it. let’s see what will happens. then nothing was happens yeah my heartbeat stopped for while otherwise everything was fine. i lessen my fear. say yes we can do the things when we will do. if we are only thinking about some thing and never do that then we will never say yes.

never afraid from anything because nothing is impossible always say i m possible.