Win the Hearts and Minds of the people

“Be interested, not interesting.” As soon as I read these words this summer in Amal Academy while doing online activity I remained baffled for some time but after all, I got control over myself. This short and simple saying represents one of the most important lessons I’ve learned over the past 3 years of my life. I was reading a chapter entitled: “Do this & you’ll Be Welcome Anywhere” from a writer Dale Carnegie’s book: “How to Win Friends and Influence People”.
As there’s a fine line between love and hate, there’s a quite fine line between be interested and be interesting. I’ve always had a fascination with people and their life stories, wanting to know more about them, what they like and what they don’t, what they prefer in life and what they don’t want to do, and where they come from. The importance of listening attentively and how much more I could gain from hearing someone, allowing them to express themselves and thus leading the conversation. By giving over the reins of conversation and chit chatting, I found I actually learned more about the person in front of me because they could take the conversation to where they feel most comfortable and I just enjoy myself while paying my ears to them. Nobody is kind of boring unto you make them boring. Everyone has it’s own story to tell which is unique as it doesn’t have any specific rhyme. If you want to be interested, take interest in other people, make them feel how special they are even though they don’t count so much in your life.
Being Interested in something or someone is a great thing, it means you value them, you don’t try to belittle them or try not to indulge yourself in slander. But counter to this, when you find yourself interesting in something, it means you want that thing but your intensity to want that thing find to be kneel. Most of the time, we don’t talk often due to our daily busy routine but when we do, we assure that it’d be a quality time. We talk about every single thing we’ve done in the previous time and laugh together.
I talk with my friends after a long time because of the busy routine wecouldn’t give the time to friends. I text them and they feel happy that I talk with them, wanna know about their life Goals not only I talk with about their life but they also wanna know about me, about my routine my activities. then I realized yes it’s really help full being interested is better then being interesting. These were really amazing moments to talk with them. I thought we should to in touch with our friends.
No one got the best of both worlds but when we take interest in one another, we can get this. So being interesting is a fine thing but you can live with this, can’t get success by adopting this policy unless you changed this in” interested”.
I also want to share an example which taken before reading this book. Last days, Two fellows were confused about the online courses everyone was busy in their work they don’t had any resource for help at that moment. I offered them to help in their online course they asked to me the how you will complete your work. I said them it’s okay I will do it, firstly I think it’s better to help you. Both were really thankful to me and I was also happy to help them. So I think if we want to make friends then first thing which we have to do is to help others as much as possible.