Thoughts of a Writer

I wonder how Jane Austen felt when she finished her first book. I wonder if she felt accomplished. Or maybe she felt like she could have done better. She probably would have never guessed that her books would be published hundreds of times and read and re-read millions upon millions of times.

I have always wanted to write a book. That was actually my aspiration read out at my high school graduation: Cheyenne wants to become a writer.

6 years later I have hundreds of essays stacked away in a cupboard, I have one degree under my belt and am pursuing a diploma, and I have 5,000 words of a potential book typed out on my laptop which, to be honest, has seen better days.

I have discovered that it is difficult to write a book. I have all the words, locked away somewhere I am sure, but finding the time and the creative mind-set to write, that is where it gets difficult. These are fleeting moments I find…

I may not be working on my book, but as a journalist I write stories all the time. These stories are not my own, but the stories of strangers. These stories seem to be easier to write. Perhaps the impending deadlines push me to finish writing these stories quicker, but I think in the end writing other people’s stories is easier than writing your own.

Although I have not gotten any further with my book, journalism has opened my eyes to the stories that are out there. It may take me longer than Jane Austen to write my book, but I believe that being a journalist will provide me with a little bit of inspiration and perhaps an extra little boost to write that book I aimed to do so many years ago.